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Conditions We Treat

Cervical Pain / Neck Pain

Neck pain is a most common problem that people in the white collar job people suffer due to prolonged computer and phone usage, it can be treated with manual therapy and mobilisation

Cervicogenic Headache

Headache that comes due to the neck due to the irritation of the greater occipital nerve is called as cervicogenic headache, it can be due to hypomobility of the C1-C2 Vertebrae

Post Surgical Back Pain (Failed Back Syndrome)

Failed back surgery syndrome (also called FBSS, or failed back syndrome) is a generalized term that is often used to describe the condition of patients who didnt have successful results after operation

Back Pain / Chronic Back Pain

Back pain has an occurrence of approximately 80% in the human population which means that 8 out of 10 people will suffer from low back pain once in their lifetime

Pre and Post Pregnancy Back Pain

During the pregnancy period due to the added weight of the baby, the ladies tend to have an increased lordosis which leads to facet joint stress and may result in back pain in many cases

Spinal Canal Stenosis (Lumbar & Cervical Canal Stenosis)

Reduction in the diameter of the spinal canal can cause compression of the spinal thecal sac leading to neurological problems like numbness and pain. Flexion based exercises are best for this!

Facet Joint Arthropathy

Facet Joints are the joints which are responsible for the movement between two vertebrae, in case there is pain at these facet joints it is termed as Facet Joint Arthropathy

Sacro-Illiac Joint Dysfunction

SI Joint or Sacro-Illiac Joints are the ones that connect the Spine with the Pelvis Bone and are prone to pain due to the heavy loading of the torso on the joint

Kyphosis / Scoliosis / Lordosis

The spine has curvatures in order to have an effective loading and mobility. In case the curves are more than normal or deviate from the normal they can cause spinal problems

Spine Instability / Hypermobility

Spine has a limited amount of motion in four planes, incase there is a pathological increase in this or the position of the vertebra in respect to superior and inferior vertebra changes it is called as hypermobility

Spinal Stiffness / Hypomobility

Just like any other joint, the spine can also get stiff and cause a reduction in the movement, which in turn can cause pain at the spine or the nearby joints due to overcompensation

Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

When there is any damage to the spinal cord of the body, it cause neurological deficits in the body and leads to loss of muscle and sensory power. 

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