Joint Pain Treatment

Best Joint Pain Treatment Without Surgery at Capri Spine

Joint Pain Treatment

Get instant joint pain solution by connecting with us instantly. You can experience the best joint specialists and their services near you. We are one of the most trusted joint pain treatment service providers in the national capital region

Best Joint Pain Treatment without Surgery at Capri Spine

Our joints are the connection between bones that provide support and make mobilization possible. Any damage, to the joints resulting from a disease or an injury can interfere with day to day activities. Joint pain is extremely common and the problem increases with old age. Joint pain can range from mildly irritating to severe health issue. It may disappear in a few weeks or can sometimes last for several weeks or months. Even short – term pain and swelling in the joints can affect your quality of life. Whatever the cause of joint pain, CAPRI offers treatment for disc and treatment for joint stiffness that extends beyond medication, surgical intervention, conventional physical therapy and alternative treatments.  Our joint care physiotherapists will diagnose and treat the condition that is causing your joint pain.

Causes of Joints Stiffness

Joint stiffness is a hallmark of rheumatoid arthritis. It results from an abnormal response of the immune system; rheumatoid arthritis inflames the soft tissue that lines the surface of joints. It is a systemic disease that not only makes joints stiff and painful, but can also affect other parts of your body, such as internal organs. At CAPRItreatment for joint pain is a thorough release of joint problems along with long term pain free life. The healing involves treatment for stiff joints, increasing mobility and movement.


The ultimate goal is to minimize pain and inflammation and preserve joint function. By noting symptoms such as joint stiffness and seeking early treatment, you can feel better, slow or stop progression of the disease, and reduce joint damage.

What Are The Options For Joint Stiffness Treatment?

With a fast-paced lifestyle taking the lead in our life in present times, joint pains have increased a lot. Our body is made up of different joints that connect one of our body parts to another. Sometimes due to heavy exercise, unhealthy lifestyle, keeping still for a long time results in growing joint pains.  

Joint pains are more common in people who have long working hours that require them to sit continuously at the desk without having much back and leg movements. Mostly knees, waist joints, and back are affected. Women also suffer from joint pains more. Joint pain treatment is available at Capri Spine at reasonable costs.

Why Does Joint Pain Occur?

Our body has many joints. Among them, some of the critical bones which are more prone to pains are the knee joints, elbow joints, wrist joints, back joints, and waist joints. Joints make it easier for us to move around freely. Pain in any one of the joints above can make the movement more stiff and painful. If the aches in your joints have been persisting for quite some time now, then it is time for you to take note of the matter more seriously.

Other than accidents and injuries, joint pain can be caused due to heavy playing, sitting still, sports, heavy loads, arthritis, cancer, dislocation, gout, osteoporosis, ticket, inflammation and infection in tendons.

Are All Joint Pains The Same Kind?

No, the main types of joint pains include pain in knees, shoulders, wrists, having tennis elbow, backache and dislocation of hip joints. It is always advised for you to see a joint pain specialist to avoid prolonged suffering.

At first, you may have little symptoms of acute joint pains like sudden pain in your joints or a continuous pain, swelling, deformation. Later on, these symptoms increase with time and affect you with chronic joint pains.

Joint Pain can also result in making your joints completely immobile for few next moments. If this is happening on a regular basis, then delay no more as taking treatment at the earliest ensure that you face the least consequence.


Joint pains may not seem that much of a dire threat to your health, but the discomfort it gives is vast and often leads to other diseases. So if your joint pain persists, then it is best for you to get an X-ray done after consultation and start your treatments and medications immediately. Also, blood tests and sedimentation rate are performed upon the patient to determine the cause, infection and the height of inflammation.


You can opt for both medical help and home treatments. However, it is always better to take preventive and professional advice. The experts will help you make the proper step towards recovery. Its not ever possible to get a full recovery but with help and treatment, you can still manage to have control over your pain.  

  • Taking painkillers helps to soothe the pain and the stiffness in the joints.

  • Physiotherapy helps to bring flexibility and mobility back into stiff joints.

  • You can also go for physical activities which are active yet moderate. Following a specific fitness regime will help you to stay healthy and also keep your joints flexible. The pain is also held in control as movements help circulation better in the affected area.

  • Exercises which include stretching are useful for treating joints affected with pain.

  • Maintaining a healthy body weight ensures that your knees are not taking any pressure more than that it actually can. It also provides that you are hunched back because of weight issues. Keeping a weight check acts as a de-stressing factor for your joints especially if they are affected with painful swelling and inflammation.

  • If arthritis is not the cause, then you can opt for joint pains treatment at home with effective ways like massages, hot baths, stretching and resting correctly.

  • Surgery and other procedures are painful, but these are no painful yet effective process to manage your pain.

  • There are also various types of supports available in the market that offers thermal effects as well. These supports are usually soft and are supported by belts that you can tie around the affected area. Kneecaps, waistbands are some of the supports extensively used.

  • Stiff joints are corrected using massages and therapy of various kinds which are painless yet very much useful.

 Capri Spine offers all kinds of preventive measures and treatments that are painless and provides instant relief as well. You can contact a specialist to look into your joint pain and start your therapy instantly.

Get The Best Solution For Joint Pain Treatment At Capri Spine

Almost all the people of India, especially, the people of metro cities are suffering from joint pains. As the life of the metro cities is fast, and people don’t get enough time to care about their health, pain in the joint can be due to various reasons. One of the significant problems for joint pain is an injury of the adjacent tissues or joint diseases and infection in the joint.

Some Common Causes Of Joint Pain

According to Capri Spine, the best clinic for Joint pain treatment specialists, people can experience painful joints due to several reasons. Some of them are:

  • Autoimmune disease such as Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Inflammation in Joint
  • Infection in Joint such as Lyme disease
  • Tumour in the Joint

Joint Pain Treatment in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi NCR

There are various home remedies which can help you to recover from the joint pain. Initially getting proper rest and using hot and cold therapy helps the people to get recover from the joint stiffness. But if the pain remains for more than a week, then consulting with the best Joint stiffness treatment centre can be an excellent choice. The joint pain treatment specialists at Capri Spine share some home remedies to get rid of painful joint:

  • Perform regular exercise
  • Lose body weight
  • Include right fatty acid in your diet
  • Consume turmeric
  • Soft tissue mobilization can also be the best way to avoid joint stiffness
  • Consume herbal suppliant

When Should You Consult With Joint Pain Therapist?

If you are experiencing painful joints even after a week, then immediately consult with the medical professionals because this condition can be the indication of chronic joint pain. There are various places for radiating pain treatment, thus choose the best place to get proper care.

Some people consume medicine to get rid of pain, but before consumption of any medication, you must ask your doctor as it may lead to several side effects.

Why Choose Capri Spine for Joint Pain Treatment?

At Capri Spine, we believe that Joint is one of the critical body’s part. Thus, it should be treated by well-experienced and skilled professionals. At Capri Spine, all the medical professionals are appropriately trained and qualified. They offer you non-surgical (without surgery) joint pain treatment at the best market price.

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