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  1. CD-SSAT utilizes 3-D “motion analysis system to assess and treat kinetics and kinematics (Faulty Biomechanics) of the spine in weight bearing position (functional position).
  2. Small wireless sensors,measure body movements in real time and create 3D representations of spinal columns and other joints and compare them over time. After assessment patients perform numerous physical therapy exercises by using the computer to monitor their movements while exercising.
  3. It allows the therapist to program the prescribed range of motion, and a warning sound lets the patient know if he has gone past the recommended level.
  4. The playful presentation of the exercises makes it easier for the patient to participate fully by asking him to mimic movements on screen, selected by the therapist. By getting more involved, the patient is more aware of his physical condition and the therapy strategy he needs to follow.
  5. For exercises that require patients to learn how to support themselves, sensors can be combined with a force platform which lets the therapist work on the patient’s balance by using visual feedback and having them perform proprioception exercises or ankle exercises. It is a very useful and reliable tool for measuring the pressure areas of the foot. It is very helpful in spine conditions that lead to uneven weight bearing on feet and conditions like plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, flat foot and even sacroiliac joint dysfunctions.
  6. This unique system supplies real-time graphs / curves that update the therapist on the patient’s condition and their progression throughout the course of their treatment at Capri Spine Clinic.
  7. Thus, CD-SSAT system reinforces the therapist’s ability to observe, measure and monitor in detail the patient’s articular mobility and muscular strength while developing their mobility and balance.


It is a highly advanced tool used to correct the biomechanical faults of spine. The adjuster pro device is used in addition to manual therapy (mobilization and manipulation) to gently tap the vertebra (specific facet joint) back into place which corrects the biomechanical positional fault thereby providing quick and long lasting results.


  • A modernized manual therapy couch which is height adjustable that makes delivery of manual therapy more accurate and precise. It has a traction unit attached to it which can also be used to provide unilateral traction force to a specific spine segment.
  • Spinal decompression therapy is a modern, computerized, updated form of traction. Spinal Decompression Traction System uses computer technology to control variations in the unloading (traction pull) of the spine, effectively avoiding the body’s muscle contraction response. Your physical therapist can control how many progressive tension steps you experience before reaching the maximum tension. Also, the physical therapist has complete control over how long the tensions are held steady and how often they are repeated through the computerized system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does treatment at Capri Spine Clinic help me?

Capri’s Outpatient Department (OPD) makes a thorough assessment to make ground for formidable diagnosis, henceforth the most appropriate and scientific treatment. The organisation’s vision is to provide the highest standard treatment that not only relieves pain & restores function but also resolves the underlying cause of the problem. Capri’s Digital Segmental Spinal Analysis & Treatment (CDSSAT) is a newly developed highly sensitive computer assisted analysis that surpasses most “traditional” methods in its precision, relevance and clarity of display, at an optimal cost/benefit ratio. It is both practitioner and patient friendly, non-invasive, and completely free from radiation. The specialized treatment offered by Capri is based on the best Manipulative Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Osteopathic Techniques, Dry Needling, Taping, Exercise Therapy, Electrotherapy, and Ergonomic Management. Manipulative therapy delivered is a combination of the work of some of most renowned individuals in Manual Therapy.

Is the same treatment given in all branches of Capri Spine Clinics?

The treatment offered at all branches of Capri is uniform & follows the standard treatment protocols developed exclusively by Capri as per international norms.

Is the treatment offered at other conventional physiotherapy clinics same like Capri Spine Clinic?

NO, the treatment given in Capri is definitely different from other clinics; Capri Spine Clinic is a professionally managed chain of Super Speciality Spine Clinics offering non- invasive drugless (without medicines & surgeries) treatment for all spinal disorders. We follow the combination of best concepts of manual therapy. Capri Spine Clinics are the best Spine clinics in Delhi. We utilize the best possible technologies to treat your problem. To feel the difference, you will have to walk in & see it for yourself.

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