Our Services! How We Treat and Diagnose?

We at Capri Spine Clinic are specialists and pioneers in Surgical Free Spine Treatment since 1992. Our treatment strategies allow us to provide magical results to our patients without any surgery or medicines. We use an integrated approach of Manual Therapy and Exercise Therapy and allow us to treat our patients effectively and avoid surgery for Disc Prolapse Cases

Neck Pain Treatment

We are the best neck pain treatment provider in Delhi NCR at affordable price. Contact us to get instant relief from your neck pain and resulting in a..

Back Pain Treatment

Suffering from back pain, make a hassle-free appointment with us to hire the best physiotherapy Experts to cure back pain. We are one of the best

Slip Disc Treatment

Here We treat disc prolapse with physical therapy for all spinal bones. Treatment includes both surgical and non-surgical methods according to

Joint Pain Treatment

Get instant joint pain solution by connecting with us instantly. You can experience the best joint specialists and their services near you. We are one

Spine Treatment

You are at one of the leading spine treatment clinics in Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi NCR with top rated Spine specialists. We do non surgical treatment

Best Physiotherapy Clinic

Book appointment with us to get the best physiotherapy treatment in Delhi NCR & Noida. We are the largest physiotherapy service and we are the oldest..

 How We Treat

How we treat, we have a non-surgical approach, later assessment and rehabilitation, and curative measure. It Includes manual exercise therapy…

Conditions We Treat

we are expert in treating conditions like spinal pain, neck pain or stiffness, back pain, cervical pain, spine stability, spinal cord injury, and all

How We Diagnose

Every physio assessment is like a detective story. We check: What are the clues? Who is the culprit? Who are the accomplices? We Check and

Diagnosis (CD-SSAT)

At CAPRI our physical therapists primarily focus on diagnosing the exact cause of your pain so that focused treatment can be given to you to

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