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Physiotherapists in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida

Physiotherapy, as the name signifies is a physical exercise treatment to cure diseases, physical deformities, as postoperative care or injury that is treated without the use of medicines but by gentle soft tissue mobilizations, exercise, and heat or cold treatments. It recovers you from the ailments that had reduced your movement, and the nature of betterment depends on one’s ability and the will to perform the prescribed course of exercises.

Capri Spine’s team of spine physiotherapist are dedicated professionals who focus on providing accurate treatment no matter the pain is acute, moderate or severe.


Physiotherapists in Delhi aim at rehabilitation and prevention of the disease, most qualified and experienced experts along with the modernized equipment and machines that work positively in favor of the treatment. They cover treating the following conditions.

  • Problems related to the lungs such as bronchitis or asthma
  • Unable to perform well due to heart problems
  • Infertility
  • Skeletal and muscular problems resulting in back and neck pain
  • Bones, joints and ligament problems like arthritis
  • Loss of movement due to Parkinson’s disease and sclerosis
  • Tend to get tired quickly, weak muscles after cancer treatment.

In short, physiotherapists in Delhi expertise in different departments like ortho, cardio, and neuro, successfully treating numerous international patients without the use of oral medications.


Specialist Names     Specialization         Experience  
Dr. Deepak Kumar Spine Specialist 25 years
Dr. Bhini Semwal Spine Specialist 15 years
Dr. Adhya Kumar Spine Specialist 5 years
Dr. Vandana Arora Spine Specialist 15 years
Dr. Tarunjot Kaur Spine Specialist 7 years

Choose your customized service from the best physiotherapist in Delhi

There are numerous physiotherapy service providers, so follow the three C’s before the final settlement. Firstly, connect to various clinics, and then choose the best physiotherapist in Delhi according to your requirements, and the last step would be to either call the clinic or book online. They will connect you with the best technician suiting your time and dates within 15 minutes; thus, after receiving the best quotations, you can finalize the therapy.

Associated with international organizations

The sports physiotherapist in Delhi proudly stands with dignity to have performed well with different sports organizations. and with internationally acclaimed fame athletes representing the country in international events, among which the Paralympics sports is the most renowned one.

Deals with other chronic treatments

The physiotherapy clinics also provide treatments like sports physiotherapy, cardiopulmonary physiotherapy, neurological physiotherapy, physiotherapy exercises, and biochemical analysis performed by the inhouse doctors.

The spine physiotherapist in Delhi is committed to the senior citizens providing them with awareness to maintain the strength of the bones and the muscles. That will help them to prevent any fall and injuries, thus leading a happy and peaceful life without any assistance.

Another physiotherapy treatment involves treating various chronic ailments through strengthening, joint mobilization, stretching, re-learning moving patterns, and deep tissue mobilization.

Specializes in providing proper health to men and women

The physiotherapist in Gurgaon treats not only the pre and post-pregnancy conditions for painless delivery but deals even with the issues related to the bladder like urinary incontinence.

Pelvic pain, prolapse, and incontinence, etc. are the few conditions that females suffer can be treated by physiotherapy.


The best physiotherapist in Gurgaon deals with not so conventional treatment in the world of physiotherapy. That involves using manual pressure, bending, compression, cross-fiber work, longitudinal gliding, stretching, kneading and rolling the tissues. It aims to restore balance in the skeletal system, nervous system, stiff joints, muscle toning, increasing the flexibility of the muscle. It provides relief from the pain and improves blood circulation supplying more nutrients and oxygen into the tissues.

The clinical doctors and the best physiotherapist in Noida highly experienced with more than ten years of providing treatment to various centers as well as giving lectures to the physiotherapy students on multiple fields involving the physiotherapeutic in cardiothoracic and the PT general and the intensive care unit. The doctors try their best to educate their patients to deal with their health problems for a better future individually.

The main motto of the doctors is to treat their patients with the utmost care and avoid surgery using the best technique under the most qualified and internationally trained personnel.

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