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Book appointment with us to get the best physiotherapy treatment in Delhi NCR & Noida. We are the largest physiotherapy service provider for pain and sports injuries nearby you. We have the best therapy team to provide quick service and medicines.

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World class treatment aided with all latest equipment and the best physiotherapists is what one seeks at CAPRI physiotherapy clinics across Delhi. CAPRI clinics offer unmatched services and help to improve your quality of life a thousand folds. There are dime a dozen options of treatment here, may it be spine physiotherapy or neck or joints. Each patient is individually attended and treatment is offered depending upon the severity of the problem. Our treatments are not only effective but at the same time, they are affordable and absolutely risk free. CAPRI spine injury centre and back pain physiotherapy is now famous for offering extensive treatments and long term results. At CAPRI Spine hospital Delhi and Gurgaon, we treat our patients using integrated, multidisciplinary and methodical approach that involves accurate evaluation and effective treatment to achieve overall spinal treatment.

Capri Physiotherapy Clinics in Delhi

Successful in physiotherapy segment for more than two decades now, CAPRI spine clinic is operating at all the directions of South, North, East and West Delhi. The centres have catered to more than 80,000 patients. CAPRI physiotherapy centre treat more than 300 patients per day with dedication in quality and commitment. The centres take pride in being the pioneers for delivering Spinal cord rehabilitation services in and around Delhi. CAPRI is a professionally managed chain of spine injury clinics, offering state of art services in Spine Care since 1992 and is undoubtedly the best spine specialist centre in Gurgaon and Delhi.


People who suffer from neck pain or back pain or similar kind of pain for a long time, they know how bad it is. These pains become unbearable at times when they become worse. In this case, you should seek help from the physiotherapist nearby ; he can help to reduce the pain. If you have undergone any physiotherapy treatment or physiotherpy for neck pain but this time wants to visit a physiotherapy clinic near me, then you must be wondering what may happen at the clinic on the first visit.

So, here are a few things which you may expect when you visit the physiotherapy clinic for physiotherapy near me for the first time:-

  • Make Your Booking:- Do not delay and make your pain worse, the first step you can take is to book an appointment with the physiotherapist to do the primary assessment. If you do not have any recommendation from the people you know, then it is better to go for the nearest physiotherapy clinic near your locality, so that you can assess the physiotherapist and the clinic getter. Though the physiotherapists can be contacted directly, there are a few insurance companies which need a particular doctor referral, check for that too.

  • Be Particular and Specific:- When you contact any physiotherapy center or any other place, they will ask you if it is an injury and if it is, how did it occur. You must mention the details correctly as all the clinics cannot treat every kind of damage. When you are calling them, talk directly to the receptionist about your problem and ask whether there is any physiotherapist specialized in that field. Also, ask for a private room in place of a curtained room if you need.

  • The Dress:- While you are undergoing physiotherapy, you should wear loose and comfortable clothes. If you need, you can bring your clothes and change into before the physiotherapy starts. But remember, which body area is required to be treated as you have to open that area for the treatment. The clinics also provide hospital gowns and towels. If you still feel uncomfortable, better you carry your clothes.

  • Be on Time:-No matter which physiotherapy center you visit, you are most likely to be asked to be there 15-20 minutes before the treatment starts. This is because when you are attending the clinic for the first time, you will require to fill up forms mentioning the details like your contact information, previous injuries, medical history, etc.  Moreover, you can provide information about your medical insurance policies and clinic bills. In this way, the physiotherapist will understand you better.

  • Meet the Physiotherapist Personally:-During your first visit, you can expect the physiotherapist to ask you several questions with your consent, mainly related to your health so that he can treat you better. You should answer the questions accurately and with clarity, be honest while you are telling about the dysfunction you are currently experiencing. The physiotherapist will look at the areas surrounding the particular area of the body which you are having trouble with. Do not be silent about any pain; speak about it during the assessment.

  • Physical Diagnosis:-Once the assessment is over, the physiotherapist can give a physical diagnosis. Then you can ask questions like how much time it may take to cure the pain etc. The physiotherapist will also tell you the details of the procedure of the physiotherapy, what you are required to do and what not, what may be the likely side effects etc. The physiotherapist will tailor a particular plan and schedule of the treatment which will help you to recover soon and achieve the health goal.

  • Recovery:- The end of the treatment can be marked with some medicine which will start the process of recovery only with your consent. Otherwise, you can decline any treatment you want. But the process is dependent on the patient as well; you will also need to do your part like working out regularly, leading a healthy life, having a healthy diet, maintain the schedule of the physiotherapy, taking good care of yourself, etc. The physiotherapist should approve the exercises.

Physiotherapy is an effective procedure to cure any pain. For the best results, you can visit Capri Spine, where you will find professionals to provide you with the best services and treatment. The physiotherapists there empower you to reach your goal.

 This is the primary thing that you should remember, and you can expect while you are going to a physiotherapy clinic for the very first time. You must remember that, in various settings, this physiotherapist work such as- community centers, hospitals, health clinics, etc. You need to decide first that which environment you are comfortable with.  

Physiotherapy A Painless Treatment: Looking for Physiotherapist in Delhi NCR?

Industrialization in Delhi and NCR has no wonder made people living there, work like machines; who work, day and night just for progression but are somewhere neglecting their health. Yes, take a look around, and you will find maximum people complaining about muscular pains, all thanks to the hectic lifestyle. So, physiotherapy Delhi is essential.

The upcoming issue of muscular problems has welcomed the need to take the assistance of physiotherapy in Delhi. Earlier, the name of physiotherapy was heard when some player got injured. But now it’s widespread, and maybe that is why everyone on Google is searching for physiotherapy clinics in Delhi or physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon.

What Is Physiotherapy?

Though it is a collective term now, still, for those who are uncertain about it, we have a simplified version. It is a treatment to restore a patient’s mobility and well-being to the maximum level. Here you are treated via exercises and activities, which help your body to restore the functions more naturally.

Why is Physiotherapy Needed?

With rapid industrialization, and monotonous routine, people in Delhi and NCR are behaving ignorantly towards their health, which is evolving the need for physiotherapy. Remember, elders always said to give some time to oneself to lead a healthy life but who has time now to enjoy some -‘me-time’. This undisciplined lifestyle has led to the need for physiotherapy. Earlier, only orthopedics used this treatment to treat injured people, but now this therapy is also practiced in cardiorespiratory and neurological sectors. Yes, the evolving technology has expanded its wings in treating chronic disorders like asthma, brain injury, or hypertension by involving therapies and exercises.

Why Take Physiotherapy?

Before undergoing any treatment, it is advisable to take knowledge of all the pros and cons, hence let’s find out why is this therapy so much popular these days.

  • No side effects

As it has no medications and more of exercises of physical activities, chances are negligible of having any side-effects.

  • Time-Efficient

As therapist give you simple activities, they don’t kill your time. Also, they perform sessions according to your availability.

All the busy-bees in Delhi should take treatment as therapists are ready to assist you according to your schedule at the place. Don’t believe us? Just search for Physiotherapy at home in Delhi, and you will get several options.

Where to Get the Best Physiotherapy?

Unlike before, finding a good physiotherapist is not that difficult as with so many people undergoing their treatment, you can easily get recommended for a physiotherapist, who will give you sessions according to your preference. However, if you are very particular about your treatment then find it online as there you can get reviews as well. Just do a search for physiotherapy center in Delhi or people from Gurgaon can type physiotherapy center in Gurgaon and select the best therapist with maximum ratings. Hope this article helped you find a physiotherapist in Delhi and Gurgaon !

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does treatment at Capri Spine Clinic help me?

Capri’s Outpatient Department (OPD) makes a thorough assessment to make ground for formidable diagnosis, henceforth the most appropriate and scientific treatment. The organisation’s vision is to provide the highest standard treatment that not only relieves pain & restores function but also resolves the underlying cause of the problem. Capri’s Digital Segmental Spinal Analysis & Treatment (CDSSAT) is a newly developed highly sensitive computer assisted analysis that surpasses most “traditional” methods in its precision, relevance and clarity of display, at an optimal cost/benefit ratio. It is both practitioner and patient friendly, non-invasive, and completely free from radiation. The specialized treatment offered by Capri is based on the best Manipulative Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Osteopathic Techniques, Dry Needling, Taping, Exercise Therapy, Electrotherapy, and Ergonomic Management. Manipulative therapy delivered is a combination of the work of some of most renowned individuals in Manual Therapy.

Is the same treatment given in all branches of Capri Spine Clinics?

The treatment offered at all branches of Capri is uniform & follows the standard treatment protocols developed exclusively by Capri as per international norms.

Is the treatment offered at other conventional physiotherapy clinics same like Capri Spine Clinic?

NO, the treatment given in Capri is definitely different from other clinics; Capri Spine Clinic is a professionally managed chain of Super Speciality Spine Clinics offering non- invasive drugless (without medicines & surgeries) treatment for all spinal disorders. We follow the combination of best concepts of manual therapy. Capri Spine Clinics are the best Spine clinics in Delhi. We utilize the best possible technologies to treat your problem. To feel the difference, you will have to walk in & see it for yourself.

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