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Disc Prolapse or Prolapse Intervertebral Disc causes back pain that can radiate to the leg as well as cause a sciatic scoliotic list of the spine

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At Capri Spine clinic, we provide world-class Treatment for lumbar Disc Bulge along with other treatments of disc prolapsed. If you are seeking for treatment for slipped disc or any kind of herniated disk treatment, then your search ends with us. Our team of efficient doctors, along with well trained physiotherapists are bound to provide you the best of the treatments within a short span of time.

Back problem, no matter how acute or chronic it maybe, can severely ruin your daily chores and within a short span of time, can become bothersome. Back problems should not be ignored and a good Spine specialist/good physiotherapist is to be sought out to help you cope up with the problem. Even though most of the spine and back pain problems originate with age and degeneration, the same can also be cause by accidental jerks or sudden injury.

CAPRI spine clinic, that has its wings spread across Delhi, provides you a complete spine treatment solution along with pre and post treatment care, regular checkups as well as physiotherapy and other facilities. You can approach any our clinics for a carefree and high-end treatment.

Cause and Remedy

Back pain problems arise due to a multiple reasons and can be medically separated into different treatments depending upon the problem. However, the most common back problems that patients come up with are the lumbar disc bulge or herniated disc where in the disc generates and breaks down. Due to this the inner core can leak out through the outer portion of the disc. Another most common problem is the prolapsed disc that often presses on a nerve root which can cause pain and other symptoms in the legs. Yet another very common problem that most patients complain is the slipped disc that too causes the outer ring of the disc to bulge out and result into severe pain. For these types of disc problems, a treatment is a must.

What are the Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis of Slip Disc?

When you face spinal cord problems either you end up going to the doctor or under an operating table. The Spinal cord is made of some small or series of bones which are stacked on top of each other. There are seven bones in the cervical spine, 12 in the thoracic spine, five in the lumbar spine, and then there is single vertebra of sacrum and coccyx.

There are many types of spinal problem like incomplete and complete spinal problems where you sometimes lose the movement of one or more than one body part and legs. Treatment for slip disc is now available everywhere readily at a much cost effective way.  

Each disc of the spinal cord is made in such a way that it contains a gel-like inner portion and a sturdy outer ring. If somehow you injure yourself while playing or while you are carrying any heavy load then it may lead to your inner part coming out through your outer portion. This is called a slipped disc and is painful and causes a lot of discomforts. Your nerves may get damaged and also get numb.


Your spinal region extends from the neck to the lower back. Slip disc could happen anywhere without you knowing. Slip disc could lead to blood vessel rupture and putting a lot of pressure on your nerves and muscles. Disc prolapse treatment is such that your inner part is pushed back to where it belonged with the help of medication and physical therapy. You may be asked to undergo an operation if necessary.  

  • You would experience pain on one side of your body or a feel of numbness which may extend to your hands and legs. It would thus make the situation harder for you to walk and do your regular chores.

  • The pain sometimes gets worse at night, and with precise movements, it becomes so painful that the patient loses consciousness for a few moments. The pain could get worse when you are standing or sitting or maybe going for long walks or doing some job that requires carrying weight.

  • You feel very weak and get tired very quickly. Your muscles get weak, and you experience the feeling of pain, tickling, irritation and burning in the affected areas. Pains vary from person to person. It is best if you recommend your doctor for your slip disc treatment as fast as possible.

Why Slip Disc Happens?

Though your outer portion is much stronger than your inner portion, when the outer ring becomes weak then the inner part comes out. This could happen because of age. With the increase in age, your bones become weaker due to deficiency of calcium. Again when you are working out or doing some odd job, you may hurt yourself.

At times like those, the disc could sip out of place during some sharp movement. When you lift something weighty, you put a lot of pressure in your lower back thus increasing the risk of slip disc. This is the reason why most of the time patients are seen being diagnosed with cervical spine treatment.  

Individuals who are overweight also suffer through the tendencies of slip disc. The disc does not support additional body weight because everything has limited power for supporting everything.

Weak muscles and imbalanced lifestyle could also lead to a slipped disc. When you increase with age, you are bound to suffer through slip disc as some of the protective covers of the disc fades away, and thus it could slip more easily with the application of only a little bit of pressure.

Diagnosis of Slip Disc

When you go to your doctor for your cervical problem treatment, they would first check your health by physical examination. They would check and find out your source of discomfort and from where the pain is rising. It would involve various things like muscle strength check and your overall health investigation.

Your doctor would check your medical history as well as your symptoms thoroughly. If they are confused regarding your problem, they would then go for more detailed tests. It constitutes of X-Rays, CT Scans, MRI Scans, and discograms. Then the doctor would check your report and provide you with medication and treatment accordingly.    

If you do not treat your slip disc immediately as soon as you discover it, it could lead to some serious problems. It could affect your nerve impulses, and you would lose your sense of touch and sensation in some parts of your body.

Thus you may lose power over your bladder and bowel. Before you experience any of the symptoms mentioned here in, it would be better if you visit an expert spine specialist at Capri. Capri Spine provides you with the best slip disc treatment solutions and renowned doctors. If you think that you are feeling weak and could not retain the strength you used to have in those days. It is high time that you go and visit your doctor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any side effects of Back Pain Physiotherapy?

You may find that specific exercises worsen your pain. However, with Capri Spine physiotherapists, you are to be rest assured as your exercise programs are carefully monitored and as per your needs and requirements exercises are recommended to you.

Capri Spine has both expert and trained physiotherapists to treat and cure your lower back pain. So, there is a fraction or no room for side-effects during or after your treatment. 

You can trust Capri Spine for its treatment using the latest technology. Recurrence of back pain is not the problem but ignoring it, is. Now, get quality treatment from the expertise in lower back pain, the Capri Spine.

Is the same treatment given in all branches of Capri Spine Clinics?

The treatment offered at all branches of Capri is uniform & follows the standard treatment protocols developed exclusively by Capri as per international norms.

Is the treatment offered at other conventional physiotherapy clinics same like Capri Spine Clinic?

NO, the treatment given in Capri is definitely different from other clinics; Capri Spine Clinic is a professionally managed chain of Super Speciality Spine Clinics offering non- invasive drugless (without medicines & surgeries) treatment for all spinal disorders. We follow the combination of best concepts of manual therapy. Capri Spine Clinics are the best Spine clinics in Delhi. We utilize the best possible technologies to treat your problem. To feel the difference, you will have to walk in & see it for yourself.

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