Treatment at Capri

Sure Cure with Best in Non Surgical Back Pain Treatment

Non Invasive Drugless Treatment

Providing you with the best treatment and take it as our responsibility to care for you, motivate you, support you and treat you towards a healthy life

Effective Therapies

We believe in an integrated approach of treatment and have a judicious mix of various international concepts, providing the treatment that you need

Non Invasive Drugless Treatment

Capri’s specialty is treating spinal disorders through Capri’s Digital Segmental Spinal Analysis & Treatment.


Capri’s Digital Segmental Spinal Assessment and Treatment is a proprietary tool to ensure that you get the best diagnosis and Treatment

Continued Programme for Recovery

Capri therapist would be offering proper training and support to all patients even after discharge through video conferencing & by sending videos through emails.

Latest Technologies

We believe in providing the best and the latest to our patients, hence all our equipments are latest in all forms and our clinics are well equipped

Proprietary Techniques

Use of Capri’s Corrective Manual Therapy enables us to provide long instant and lasting results

Manual Therapy Mobilisation

We at Capri Spine, the best spine clinic near you, believe in treating the cause behind the pain and not just the pain, hence our manual therapy techniques backed by evidences ensures us for the same

Chiropractic Management

Our therapists are trained in chiropractic management for your spine care, and since we believe in an integrated approach, we make sure you get what you need

Latest Technology

Scientifically Validated Protocols

 Multi Specialists Team

I am Pain Free

Highly recommend Capri Spine Clinic. Very knowledgeable, professional, polite and caring therapists. Many thanks to team for treating my spasm in trapiez muscles. After 15 sittings, the pain has reduced substantially. I feel so much better now. They had been very patient in understanding my problem and providing the best care. They used a mix of machines, manual exercises, strengthening exercises and even recommended me some lifestyle changes to prevent my pain from resurfacing.

Shriyanshi Jain

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